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For this project, the client wanted the Lemanski team to transform the galley-style kitchen in their newly-purchased apartment into a large conventional kitchen with more natural light sources. To achieve this, the team reconfigured all the cabinets, added new appliances, designed a new lighting scheme, and created a larger vertical space by opening up the ceiling to enhance the room’s overall symmetry and allow for the installation of a new bar top counter. For the custom cabinetry, the team added new cabinets which had to match existing cabinets and the client was particularly pleased that all the cabinets in the finished kitchen matched up perfectly. The Lemanski team worked closely with the building’s facility department to comply with all parking, delivery, disposal, and security parameters during the course of the project, while also minimizing noise, dust, and all other potential impact on the residents of the complex. Also, as the apartment was in an old Boston brownstone, the team worked closely with a structural engineer to ensure that all the new framing was sound and that all structural requirements were met prior to the project’s completion.

Boston Kitchen Renovation

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$75,000 - $100,000


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