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For this project, the Lemanski team re-painted and re-wallpapered most of the rooms, including the master bedroom, on the first floor of a classic New England Colonial style home that was built in 1910. The project included the installation of a custom, hand-painted silk mural style wallpaper in the dining room. The job also entailed some light demolition work that included the addition of new sconces in the living room and the replacement of outdated electrical wiring throughout the first floor. The team also installed custom cabinetry in the living room including the addition of a new flat-screen television which, when activated, emerges from its cabinet housing in the family room. As is the case whenever the team works in an older home, special care was taken to ensure that all the new trim and cabinetry was a perfect match to the existing craftsmanship in the space. In the years since this renovation project, the Lemanski team has done additional work in the home including routine maintenance, the installation of a new bathroom, upgrades to the kitchen, and additional work on other floors in the home.


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$300,000 - $400,000


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